7. Family and Home-Based Business – Privacy & Territorial Management, Business Skills and Relationship Counselling

Family business and Home-Based Business Consulting
Millions of families world-wide are working from their home offices and are taking part in the global economy. At the same time, the effects of the small home-based business on relationships and home life are bringing change and transformation to these millions of families and their individual members around the globe. The implications of these changes to the fabric of society are enormously significant.

In previous centuries the household was a unit of production and a means of survival. The “house” of the family of the past was kept together because of the needs of economics, inheritance, survival and protection. It was also held together by the external social controls of the community and by kinship networks. The family of today is kept together because of emotional and psychological needs.  The family, relationship structures and the home have in many instances become the only place where certain activities can be pursued and fulfilled today.

Some of the unexpected issues and aspects that begin having an
effect on the family and interpersonal family relationships in a family or home-based business are the invasion of privacy, territorial needs, isolation, power issues, the confusion of roles, the effects on one’s children and sometimes invasive behaviour of employees to name a few. From a Jungian perspective, this is a typical situation where Jungian Analysis can assist in finding a new orientation. Although it might start off as a painful experience, the difficulties and forces that start entering family life in a family business or a home-based business can become an opportunity to find a larger meaning. In Jungian terms, rising to the challenge of the difficulties would be a step in the movement towards wholeness, or in becoming what one truly is.

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