4. Dream Analysis and Dream Work

Jung viewed dreams as psychical phenomena, which have meaning and which can play an important role in healing and transformation. They can be viewed as being like a golden thread that travels through the process of therapy.

Jung maintained that dreams tell the other side of the story – the side that the conscious mind is often not aware of. Dreams are often the forerunners, symbolising aspects of our personality that are beginning to develop in our psyches so that they can become a conscious part of our personality. In times of difficulty, it is these hidden and as yet, undeveloped or repressed parts of our nature that we often need.

Because dreams speak to us in images and symbols, it takes training and specific work to understand their language.

Do you have many dreams, occasional dreams or are you one of the people who say they never dream? If you think you don’t dream, it might surprise you to know that laboratory dream research has established that all people dream and that we have about 5 dreams every night! For some tips on remembering your dreams, see my post on, “What is Your Dream Life Telling You?”

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