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Life Coaching and Business Consulting

Once you were safe now passionate you fly.

Soaring, carrying them all along in the slipstream

of the trail you blaze

The concept of coaching is as old as the human race is. It goes right back to when the elder tribesmen and women taught the younger members how to hunt, to cook, the art of being a warrior and how to effectively fit into the society they lived in.

From a Jungian perspective of coaching, your innate creativity, in the service of wholeness, is tapped into. The process focuses on drawing out the ranges of possibilities and potential in the work situations and work relationships you find yourself in and how these might interface with personal relationships and situations. It looks at the real steps needed to achieve work possibilities and your potential – developing talents into strengths – and the steps needed to integrate work life with your personal life.

The work starts from an assumption that people do have the answers already and so, the executive is helped in a respectful, encouraging manner to overcome internal resistances and blocks so that they can access and stimulate the innate answers and knowledge which a task or problem area needs. Your process will include discovering your goals and purposes within the context of your deeply held values. It will also examine the belief system you hold about yourself.

While training in Switzerland, I worked analytically with clients from every continent. This included working for two consecutive years at IMD international university, Lausanne with corporate executives and leaders from all over the world who were engaged in post-graduate studies for an MBA degree. My work in South Africa has continued to include a significant number of business executives.

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